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In these difficult times, we have been closely monitoring the developments of COVID: 19 worldwide and we support the measures taken by all countries to ensure the health and safety of our visitors and our employees.

We are opening to welcome our guests on April 1st, strictly implementing health and safety protocols according to experts' instructions in order to offer a pleasant, well- being  and safe environment for our visitors.

We are following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the National Health Organization (E.O.D.Y.), focusing on health and safety of our visitors and staff.

New Hygiene and Safety Measures (2022)
  • Cooperation with a doctor in our area for visitors’ needs and the monitoring of a suspicious incident.
  • Continuous training and briefing of staff on new security protocols.
  • Irigeneia staff is fully vaccinated.
  • Every day rapid/ self test to all staff.
  • Provide personal safety measures for workers such as masks, gloves and disposable work uniforms.
  • Prohibition of entry into our facilities to non-residents.

Hotel Cleaning
  • Applying  strict cleaning and disinfection of all common areas at regular intervals during the day.
  • Using special ecological cleaning and professional machines, we thoroughly disinfect all surfaces, appliances, sanitary ware, doors and windows of our rooms before a new visitor's arrival.
  • Convert the daily room cleaning program according to visitor's needs.
  • Cleaning and ironing services of linen and clothes are carried inside the hotel facilities, by the staff, observing strict personal protection measures and in high washing degrees with special bleach disinfectants.


  • Change the arrival and departure times to ensure adequate disinfection time of the room. The Check out time is transferred to 11.00 am and the Check in time to 15.00pm.
  • Limit overcrowding, co-ordination in the reception and all common areas.
  • Observe the necessary distances between the visitors and the staff (2 meters).
  • Encourage visitors to ‘fast check in’ and ‘fast check out’. Relevant forms are provided before the arrival of the customer's personal e-mail.
  • Inform our visitors about the security protocols of the Hellenic Health Organization that concern all the businesses of our place, the museums and the movements.
  • Application of basic measures to avoid transmission of COVID: 19: hand hygiene, use of antiseptics, avoidance of handshakes, keeping physical distance, avoid contact of hands with the face and generally observe personal and respiratory hygiene measures.

Hotel Irigeneia continues to offer ‘Greek Breakfast’ with fresh traditional Greek dishes from local products, following strict standards of hygiene, cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen and storage areas (HACCP).

Breakfast is served in the special room from 08.00 am. until 11:00 a.m.

Especially for this year for the safety of visitors, the breakfast service is a la carte (the buffet service stops).

Time reservations are also required for visitors to avoid congestion of tenants.