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Easter Offer

Book at Irigeneia hotel and get 25% discount for Easter in 2020, April 13-21.
Live the traditions that Santorini follows on Holy Week.
On 'Lazaros Saturday' in Megalochori, the locals revive Lazaro every year, erecting a huge cross in the middle of the village square wrapped in alizari.
On Good Friday morning the women of the village decorated the Epitaph with fragrant flowers. In the evening the Epitaphs tour all the villages. The tour of the Epitaph in Pyrgos is  very famous. The streets are illuminated with tin lamps and the atmosphere is charged with religious emotions.
Many villages on Holy Saturday are setting of "Judas": A kind of scarecrow filled with barrels, which locals light up after the evening of Love and they leave it to glow and burst with noise.
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